Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: the manga arrives in Italy, surprise release date revealed!

Panini Comics has recently published on the pages of its social profiles Preview 348, his report of all the releases scheduled for the month of October 2020. Among the new arrivals there is also the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga, announced a few days ago and finally provided with price and official release date.

The manga transposes the events told in the original video game from 2009, set immediately after the conclusion of the first Kingdom Hearts. The story, written by Shiro Amano and supervised by Tetsuya Nomura, has some slight changes, but is mostly faithful to the original.

Planet Manga has confirmed that the first of the five volumes of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will arrive on October 29th 2020, will consist of 192 pages and will cost € 7.90. With € 14.90 instead, you can take home a box for collectors useful for collecting all the volumes of the series.

The publisher describes the story as follows: "New chapter of the manga based on the cult video game by Disney and Square Enix! Roxas is the thirteenth member of a mysterious organization that, using the power of the Keyblade, intends to complete the Kingdom Hearts … Is it possible that in that past that the boy cannot remember a very different destiny is hidden?".

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For the less accustomed, remember that this chapter is chronologically set between Kingdom Hearts is Kingdom Hearts II, and more specifically simultaneously with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The three titles named have received manga adaptations and are already available in Italy. As for the last chapter of the saga, we remind you that Kingdom Hearts III is currently being serialized in Japan.

What do you think of it? Will you recover the manga? Let us know with a comment! In case you are looking for the latest releases instead, we advise you to take a look at Preview 346.


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