Kingdom Hearts 3: waiting for ReMind, two updates arrive with new Keyblades

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In preparation for the launch of the ReMind DLC, scheduled for tomorrow January 23 on PlayStation 4 and for February 25 on Xbox One, Square Enix has distributed well in one fell swoop two updates for Kingdom Hearts 3 on both platforms.

L'update 1.07, the most full-bodied of the couple, has introduced a lot of news: the Japanese company reports the resolution of a number of unspecified problems, the modification of some cutscenes, the updating of various menus, the addition of new ones forms and abilities, e the possibility of obtaining two new Keyblades, called Oathkeaper and Oblivion, well known to fans of the saga. For the first you need to deliver the object Proof of Promises at the Moogle Shop, while for the second you have to exchange the item Proof of Time Past. L'update 1.09 instead it limits itself to solving various problems, also in this case not described in the official changelog.

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In recent days Square Enix has also released new information on the ReMind expansion, in particular on mechanics such as Data Greening, Slideshow and Premium Menu. Pending its publication, we also advise you to retrace the main events in the history of Kingdom Hearts 3 in our special dedicated.

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