Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind: New images reveal the menu and more details

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At the end of this week, the first DLC of Kingdom Hearts III (to PS4; on Xbox One we will have to wait a little longer). Also known as Re: Mind, will bring not only a new story to the game, but also more playable characters or even bosses. Now, Square Enix has distributed new images that allow us to take a look at some of the news that awaits us in this additional content. For example, the new main menu.

Starting with this new menu (called Premium), we can say that it has important incidents regarding the gameplay. Basically, because it allows us to change different parameters (or handicaps) that help us increase the difficulty of the game in very specific and varied facets. And some of those handicaps can be pretty damn, such as not being able to use magic or objects.

We must also highlight what Square Enix has named as Data Greeting. A very simple system with which players are allowed to pose with their favorite characters in different places to take photos. But, as its name implies, in the form of a slide show. In this way, it is possible to reproduce each photograph in a sequence with music on top. Then we leave you with a gallery that contains all the new published images.

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Finally, one of the new images is striking, which corresponds to Yozora, who is just a boy who was to be the protagonist of FF Versus XIII, the canceled title of Square Enix that ended up becoming FF XV. Without a doubt, he will be in the DLC, although we still do not know whether as a playable character or rather as a hidden boss.

Oh, and we can also see a new transformation of Sora. In it, he holds the key of the Promised sword and distant memories. Remember that Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind will be released on January 23 for PS4 and February 25 for Xbox One.

Sources: Gamingbolt / Twitter

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