Kimi Räikkönen with Infobae: "If I don't continue to enjoy the races this year, I will retire"

Far from that young man who had some excesses and who even admitted in his authorized biography problems with alcohol that he managed to overcome, today Kimi-Matias Räikkönen He enjoys his family life with his wife and two children (the boy, Robin already started with karting). He is one of the Formula 1 racers who has the best time in this break due to the coronavirus pandemic. He looks relaxed and very happy on social networks, tools that he started using from a couple of years ago. Before starting the activity that will return on July 5 with the Austrian Grand Prix, the current Alfa Romeo driver and last champion with Ferrari agreed to speak to Infobae. He made an exception because he does not usually give interviews.

Iceman, as the Finn is known, is 40 years old (born 10/17/1979) and in this 2020 will start with its third decade in the Máxima where he started in 2001. He surprised in that season with the humble Sauber team and in 2002 McLaren signed him. He was the winner with the English squad and fought in the 2003 and 2005 championships in which he was runner-up. In 2007 he moved to Maranello and obtained the title with the Scuderia. It was when he beat the runners of his former team, the English Lewis Hamilton and spanish Fernando Alonso, who came before him in the championship to the definition.

He then had a two-year absence in 2010 and 2011 when he unsuccessfully competed in the World Rally Championship and tried his luck in American NASCAR. In 2012, he returned to F-1 with Lotus, who was not one of the best squads. However, it did not cost him his return, he won and even completed the podium of that event. Along with the remembered Niki Lauda, ​​they are the only champions who were absent for two years, returned and were winners.. Although the Austrian had the plus of having been inactive in that period, he returned and achieved his third title in 1984.

Kimi, for his good performance with Lotus in 2012 and 2013, in 2014 he returned to Ferrari where he was until 2018. In 2019 he went to Alfa Romeo, which is the Scuderia's satellite team. The link with its current squad expires at the end of the year. To have a reference of his extensive career in the category, at the beginning he ran against the Dutch Jos Verstappen and today she has her son in front of her, Max Verstappen. For its almost two decades in the category, it has a lot to tell.

-Is this your last year in Formula 1?

– I have always said that I will do this season and then I will decide. If I continue to enjoy racing this year, I will continue, if not, I will retire.

-Beyond your two-year absence, how did you manage to spend 18 seasons in F-1?

-It's very simple, I love to run. I don't really care about all the rest, the interviews and all that, but I really like the feeling of running from wheel to wheel. I missed that feeling and that's why I came back.

-What was the most costly when you went to the rally? What did you think about motorsports in the United States?

-In the rally, maybe adapting the route sheets with the notes. As for the United States, I liked the competition, it was a lot of fun.

At Monza 2018, Kimi made pole positions (best qualifying time) and broke the record on the Italian circuit of Juan Pablo Montoya in 2004, with a record of 1m19s119. The Scandinavian was 406/1000 faster than the Colombian, which 14 years earlier achieved it with a V10 combustion engine of more than 900 horsepower, similar power to that of current V6 hybrids (combustion and electric). Räikkönen, in that turn, on the straights loosely exceeded 300 km / h and It reached the fastest lap average in the history of the Máxima with 263,587 km / h.

-How does it feel to drive an F-1 car at more than 300 km / h?

-It's a pretty normal feeling, I've done it most of my life. It's fun, especially when you're hitting the limit.

-The race itself was not that remarkable to me. I didn't feel much pressure as it wasn't very likely that I would win the title without first winning the race (it did). I had a good start, a fairly smooth competition and everyone on the team did a great job. We did what we had to do. Of course it was a great happiness. We ran to win the title and we did it.

The Finn is also the only one of all the riders in the current F-1 squad that ran with three types of engines: V10 (2001 to 2005), V8 (2006 to 2013) and V6 hybrids (2014 to present). Therefore, he knew various types of technologies and developments.

-Run with V10, V8 and V6 engines What is your favorite stage?

-I really do not care. Each engine formula has its characteristics and it is up to the racers to make the most of it.

Of a particular personality, with few words, but concrete when responding, many times he broke the patterns in the environment of the F-1. For example, on the day of his debut in Australia in 2001, he was awakened to go to the circuit and without being anxious for that instance, he asked to sleep a little more. Or even revealed in his biography ("The unknown Kimi Räikkönen") that in 2012 he spent 16 days in a row partying before the race in Spain, something that did not prevent him from being third.

-In some podiums he was seen very seriously, as in Brazil 2018. Is that part of his personality?

-It is difficult to know, it is just me and I react as I feel at the time. There's no point in pretending or being false.

-If you had a party, which F-1 pilots would you invite today?

-I don't think I would invite many! I would probably just invite my friends (one of them is Sebastian Vettel).

Iceman is very popular in the F-1. In 2017, his abandonment in Spain made a small fan of his who was in the stands cry. He was caught on television cameras and then invited to the Ferrari pits. The boy met his idol and could not believe it. Today Kimi is still one of the most wanted by people when it comes to a photo or autograph. It is that after four decades it remains in force and did not clash in its first year at Alfa Romeo, an uncompetitive team, where in 2019 it finished 12th in the championship among 20 competitors.

In the Maximum got a total of 21 wins, 103 podiums, 18 pole positions and 46 lap records. He disputed a total of 312 Grand Prix and is 10 from Rubens Barrichello, the one who started the most races in the 70 years of the Maxima. So far in the short 2020 season, eight competitions have been confirmed. If events are added, it is possible that the Nordic will outnumber the Brazilian.

-This year he may be the driver with the most races in history. Are you pending that statistic or do you not care?

-I really don't care much. In the end it is not what will make me happy or not about my years in Formula 1. I think there are many more things I will remember from my campaign than the number of races I have done.

-What would change this Formula 1?

-It really doesn't matter, since it is not up to us pilots to change the rules. In the end, we can drive any car that has been built for us and we have to adapt to it and try to go as fast as possible.

-On the day that you no longer run, do you think you will miss the F-1?

-I do not think so. There are good people in the category and I will keep in touch with them, but that's all. I have spent many years in this environment and when I choose to stop I am sure that I will find many things to keep me busy.

There's no doubt about it. Kimi Räikkönen looks very entertaining and happy with his family. He made it clear that his family is the most important and that there is life after the F-1.


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