Kevin Conroy: all Batman's voice actor records and his hidden roles

In a section on voice actors it could not be missing Kevin Conroy, historical voice of the Dark Knight of Gotham so as to fully enter the pantheon of actors together with Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Adam West. Between videogames and animated series our race between its im-BAT-tuti records will be long and, who knows, you might also discover some unexpected role.

Among all the actors who have given face and voice to Batman, Conroy in fact holds the absolute record of interpretations of the Detective with 9 animated series, 12 animated films and 13 video games distributed over 28 years of career. What not everyone knows is that things could have gone very differently for the actor, than on his first audition for Batman: The Animated Series (1992) proposed for the role of Harvey Bullock, believing that playing Batman would have been boring: it was only at the request of the troupe that he agreed to read Bruce Wayne's jokes.

From Batman: The Animated Series onwards he played both Batman and Bruce Wayne, an obvious choice for two roles in which it was possible to change the actor. Conroy he was the first to know how to dose the voice to make it fascinating and virile for the former and deep and scratchy for the latter: in the films special devices are used to modulate the vocal timbre and in some cases it remains (substantially) unchanged. In the same production he also played Thomas Wayne and Batman's evil alter-ego, often alternating all four roles in real time and without having to stop recording. In 2014 it broke a new record becoming the only actor to have played both Thomas and Bruce Wayne and Joe Chill, the armed man who kidnapped and killed the spouses giving life to the myth of the Bat. Despite decades of experience in the role, Conroy will be the face of Batman, as well as voice, only in 2019 in crossover The CW Crisis on the Infinite Lands.

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But who was Conroy before putting on his cloak? Of Irish descent and raised in Westport, Connecticut, the voice actor went to school with Christopher Reeve, historic face of Superman since 1974, and shares his birthday with Efrem Zimbalist Jr., interpreter of Alfred Pennyworth in The Animated Series. Also, after the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers, Conroy participated in the relief efforts volunteering to perform cooking duties for officers and firefighters.

Finally we come to video games: which ones has he voiced? The first console role came in 1994 with The Adventures of Batman & Robin, followed by Batman Vengeance; Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu; DC Universe Online; Injustice: Gods Among Us; Infinite Crisis; Injustice 2; Lego DC Super-Villains. Special mention deserves his most famous interpretation, the one in the saga Bartman: Arkham, which will see him engaged in all chapters except Batman: Arkham Origins. He was also Drake's voice in Crusaders of Might and Magic; of the Fisherman in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy; by Lord Jack in Max Payne 2 and of Lord Palasa in Lords of EverQuest.


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