Kena Bridge of Spirits between PS4 and PS5: between aesthetics and DualSense, here are the differences

Presented during the month of June, Kena: Bridge of Spirits immediately gained the attention of a wide array of gamers eager to venture into the world created by the Ember Lab team.

With a background in the advertising and animation sector, the software house is in its first experience in the videogame field. For his own debut title, he unveils Game Informer, the developers have worked for a long time on the PlayStation 4. Only at an advanced stage of the work were they proposed to make one as well PS5 version by Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Enthusiastic about the proposal, Ember Lab has tried to exploit each of the potential offered by the next-gen.

All this was first of all translated, a predictable element, into a major one amount of detail on the screen. Given the centrality of the combat phases in the game, the software house has chosen to favor the proper functioning of the combat system in the face of aesthetics, at least on PS4. The power of PlayStation 5 has instead allowed to enrich the world of action-adventure, for example with more lush forests. The team also revealed that in the game it will be possible to track down as many as one hundred Rot, the tender Nerini-like creatures of the Dark who accompany Kena on her journey. On PS5, we will be able to see each of them follow the protagonist, while on PS4 it was impossible to achieve this result, so only a part of the Rot that we will find will appear next to us.

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Finally, great importance was given to the functionality of the DualSense. I adaptive triggers will allow you to perceive the voltage of the arc used by Kena, but not only. The feedback aptico will allow you to experience the game in a more engaging way. For example, the team reveals that the Rot will be able to move in the form of a cloud: in this case, the palms of the hands on the DualSense will be able to perceive its flow to the right or left.

Waiting to find out the release date of the game, which will initially arrive only in digital version, on the pages of Everyeye you will find a rich preview with all the information available on Kena: Bridge of Spirits.


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