Karen Fukuhara comments on the surprising twist of the second season

Like the first season, in which we saw multiple characters brutally die, even the new episodes of The Boys did not spare the audience the right amount of surprises.

After the death of a CIA figure, we witnessed the demise of Kenji, Kimiko’s brother, at the hands of Stormfront. A blow to the fearsome killer of The Boys and an opportunity to take Kimiko in a new direction, as she points out to Tv Line the actress who plays her, Karen Fukuhara: “Shooting season 2 was an emotional adventure for me, I had to go through things that I had never faced, in terms of digging into yourself to be able to act in some scenes.”

Fukuhara then spoke of showrunner Eric Kripke’s vision for his characters: “He wanted to create a more human version of Kimiko than seen in the comics, where she is a ruthless cold-blooded killer and you don’t really know what her intentions are and what drives her to kill so many people. In the series, he wanted to humanize her. We initially see her as a caged, ferocious and angry animal creature, and then she slowly begins to grow into a woman, a girl, a human being. […] In season 2 we will see a lot of this human side. ”

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For this the loss of her brother will be a crucial turning point for her, especially considering how Vought exploited Kenji: “Finding out the damage Vought has done to him and the pain, wounds and permanent changes they caused him … is a great loss to her. He loved it and all this will be the gasoline for his revenge“.

All that remains is to wait for the new episodes on a weekly basis, a source of review bombing on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps listening to the epic soundtrack of The Boys 2.


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