Karate Kid Will Have Musical

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You are reading well. The most mythical martial arts tape, not content to have a few sequels and two series, is now ready to reach Broadway. He will do it with a musical inspired by the first story, that of 1984, the one that introduced us for the first time to Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi under the direction of John G. Avildsen. Moreover, the libretto of this musical is in charge of the scriptwriter of 'Karate Kid', Robert Mark Kamen.

What else do we know about this project? Even in the early stages of development, it will be Amon Miyamoto the person in charge of the address; Drew Gasparini will compose the songs; The choreography will be carried out by Keone and Mari Madrid (choreographers, among other artists, by Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and BTS), which will feature the stages of Derek McLane, the guy who won, among other things, a Tony for the scenography of the version of Moulin Rouge on Broadway

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Will we see a reflection of the original movie? We do not know, the director of the musical, via statement, has only dropped that "contrary to what might be expected, we live in a time of division as society is increasingly global. (…) Karate Kid puts on the table a sweet contradiction: the true nature of karate is not to attack, nor to win, nor to harm, but that opposite energies have the opportunity to express themselves and ingratiate themselves. " Although as the producer of the musical Kumiko Yoshii has added, "Robert's story is our Bible", although he also added that" we are reinventing how it is told so that it must be lived live, in the theater. "

Want to give wax? We will continue to inform.

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