Kanye West plans to run for president of the United States

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Throughout his professional career Kanye west He has made so many announcements that he never finally materialized, such as his intention to move back to his native Chicago and revitalize the city's cultural scene, that nobody took him too seriously when a few years ago he announced his plans for Become one of the next presidents of the United States.

However, the rapper has not given up on that idea and in his last interview he has revealed that 2024 elections are set as a goal to launch his election campaign. To his surprise, his statement of intent has been received this Thursday with a generalized laugh at Innovation Festival Organized by Fast Company in New York.

"What are they laughing at?" He asked the public very seriously. "I don't think‘ run ’ (a pun with the English expression ‘running for president’ which translates as ‘running for president’ and uses the verb ‘run’, run). I plan to take it easy. Everyone says that Kanye is crazy, but one in three African Americans will end up in jail and all celebrities are locked up because they can't speak freely: they are too scared, ”said the musician.

One of the objectives of Kanye's reinvention as a political figure It goes by focusing on the African-American electorate, which in his opinion is treated as a demographic that tells who to vote and what to think.

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“I have lived it as a black designer in America. You cannot have your own opinion … You can only be the consumer or part of a demographic. In the boardrooms they always say: ‘This is the black demographic … this is the candidate who they are supposed to vote for. This is what they are supposed to buy and this is Popeye's chicken sandwich that they should eat. ' I have lived it ”.

The artist also has a message for those who still doubt that a character as controversial as him and that generates such mixed opinions may one day occupy the White House.

“Every time someone tells me that referring to oneself as a billionaire demonstrates an absolute lack of class, I always answer that I may legally change my name to call me for a year Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West (Billionaire Christian Genius Kanye West), until everyone understands that that is exactly what I am, ”he concluded.

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