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Kalimba replaces Thalía and Eiza González for attacking AMLO

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Kalimba did not sit idly by and made it clear to Thalía and Eiza González that the plan that the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to implement is perfect, considering that many people do not have enough means to survive financially for fifteen days.

As some know AMLO is carrying out strategies for the Mexican people to face the coronavirus in the best way, a pandemic that spread rapidly, so the Mexican leader asked the people to leave their homes and go out to spend so that the economy would flow, But this action did not seem reasonable to the famous.

That is why Kalimba released a video where he said the reasons why the people should go out, more if it is for mental health since the singer more than anyone knows what one can live through a confinement.

"There are people who live a day not a week, not a month a day and those people asking them to be kept at home for fifteen days is not enough the campaign in addition to keeping themselves at home should be to ask people who have the ability to pay them those days... "says Kalimba in his video.

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Meanwhile, Internet users supported the Kalimba declaration and congratulated him, since they consider that many Mexicans need to work to support their families in the face of this disease that has generated closing and canceling thousands of jobs.

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