Justice League: everything we know about the upcoming Snyder Cut

In these hours to keep the bench was only one news: the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League it exists and will be officially distributed by Warner on its streaming platform, HBO Max, in 2021. Once it had the time to complete it definitively, with the post-production one that at the time was torn from the director.

Renamed Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the film will now need long post-production to complete the color correction and special effects on the various scenes that required the intervention of computer graphics, it is also not yet clear whether the cast will be called to appeal for a possible series of additional shots and/or dubbing.

To know the details on the Snyder Cut, please view the video that you find in this news where we have collected all the information we have about the launch of the new version of the Justice League, for which we will have to wait for 2021.

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First, a little example: The existence of Snyder Cut has been confirmed in recent months by its director of Batman v Superman, who had physically shown on its true profile. The initial idea of ​​Snyder, remember, was to divide Justice League into between chapters, then reduced to two, which would have seen Darkseid as the main villain. After the release of Snyder, however, Whedon and Warner Bros. have decided to further resize the project and create a single version with Steppenwolf as an antagonist.

News of the possible arrival of the Snyder Cut had begun to be convincing once Zack Snyder had announced a Watch Party to watch the Man of Steel with fans and in which Henry Cavill himself took part by surprise.


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