Justice League Dark, a concept art of the character for Liman’s never-made film

As previously announced, JJ Abrams will be developing a Justice League Dark TV series for HBO max, and we’re all pretty excited about it. However, there was a time when the film project of the same name was in the hands of Doug Liman … and from that time comes an unreleased concept art di Swamp Thing.

Back in 2016, Doug Liman was cast as the new director of Justice League Dark after the abandonment of Guillermo Del Toro, and decided to completely revolutionize the project, stating that he did not find himself in the Mexican director’s ideas.

But if we don’t have much information about it, since it was never filmed, we at least know what one of the characters in the film would have looked like: Swamp Thing.

“Un old concept art for the Justice League Dark film directed by @DougLiman, later canceled. Doug had the idea of ​​making Swamp Thing a swamp spirit that took shape when a group of arsonists tried to set plants on fire. This design was made in collaboration with David Masson. More will be coming soon!“wrote the concept artist Houston Sharp on Twitter, sharing the image that you can also find at the bottom of the news.

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And while we’re curious to find out what the JLD of Liman, the opportunity to see a version of Swamp Thing we then had with the DC Universe TV series Swamp Thing (also canceled after only one season) which you can also find on Amazon Prime Video.

Who knows, however, if there will be and how the character will be in Abrams …


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