Justice League and Snyder Cut, all the details: "It will be a completely new movie"

For many DC fans, Christmas came early: during the Man of Steel live commentary, Zack Snyder has officially announced the release of Justice League’s Snyder Cut thanks to the HBO Max streaming platform. But what does it mean exactly? What exactly will we see?

“It will be something completely new, and especially speaking with those who have seen the version released in the room, a new experience and completely separate from that film, “Snyder told the Hollywood Reporter microphones, specifying that, to date, he has not yet seen Justice League just as it was distributed to the cinema.

But judging from what he could learn, Joss Whedon’s version contained “probably a quarter of the work” by Batman v. Superman.

At the moment, no further details have been given on the product size which, at the time when Snyder was still at the helm of the project, and the necessary cuts for a film release had not yet been made, reached almost 4 hours.

For this reason it is hypothesized that a more suitable alternative for the platform that will distribute it may be that of divide everything into 6 chapters.

“With new platforms and streaming services, you can have something like this. You can’t get these things out to the cinema, but you can with streaming. It’s an opportunity that wasn’t available two years ago, to be honest” added Deborah Snyder, wife and colleague of the director”Now we had to understand what it meant to finish it and how to make it happen”.

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The Snyders will now have to deal with massive post-production, which appears to cost 20 to 30 million dollars for the parties involved, but which will serve to complete the work on special effects, recover the old material (“Expect Darkseid” warn THR) and add again, and gather some cast members to insert further character development.

“The best part is that we will be able to explore these characters in ways that a shorter theatrical version would not have allowed us” said Zack, followed by his wife”This film was the culmination of the path that led these individuals to become heroes. And the idea has always been that of a construction that would allow him to be the heroes that people expected to see”.

We will see, then, how the project will evolve.

The Justice League Snyder Cut will debut in 2021 on HBO Max.


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