Julio Grondona's family will give Amazon a million dollar trial for the series on the FIFA Gate

The family of former AFA President Julio Grondona will file a million dollar lawsuit for the series in which he is characterized (Photo: NA)
The family of former AFA President Julio Grondona will file a million dollar lawsuit for the series in which he is characterized (Photo: NA)

During the last hours, the company Amazon published on its streaming platform the series titled President focusing on bribery and corruption scandals that uncovered the cause popularly mentioned as FIFA Gate. One of the main characters of this fiction supported by real events is Julio Humberto Grondona, historical president of the AFA already deceased. This approach generated a stir in the family of the leader who died in 2014 and they announced that they will make a millionaire judgment against the platform.

"It is a million dollar demand. They are using the life of a person to make a profit ”, informed the legal person in charge of the family about the presentation that will be framed in the title of“ damages ”.

“The FIFA Gate was an absolutely media cause. It was not a court case. Julio (Grondona) was never charged in any case. Nor in the so-called FIFA Gate, which was processed by an ethics commission and where Julio only testified as a witness. He had no charge of absolutely nothing. Putting the character of Julio with the entire FIFA Gate, mixing it with what was after his death, is something that has no basis in any type of file, "said lawyer Elba Marcovecchio in the program Well up which is issued by Radio 10.

"Humberto Grondona at no time gave authorization to use the image of his deceased father. Therefore, the use that Amazon and the producer are making is an illegitimate use of the image. There is no doubt without seeing the chapter or the progress of the series that is related to the image and person of Julio Grondona. It is even indicated with a full name. With brilliant characterization, because the characterization is really magnificent. There is no doubt that the image and the person of Julio Grondona are being used, ”Marcovecchio insisted.

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The series uses Grondona as a kind of narrator – in the skin of the Argentine actor Luis Margani – to portray the plot of corruption in the world of soccer that was uncovered in 2015, with the former president of the AFA for 35 years already deceased .

"The President" has Julio Grondona as one of its central characters

According to the family's lawyer, the publication of Amazon which premiered on Friday and consists of eight chapters will be distributed in 200 countries. The narrative knot is focused on the FIFA Gate whose epicenter was the Swiss city of Zurich. Sergio Jadue, President of the Chilean Federation when the court case exploded, is also one of the important characters within President.

Humberto Grondona, one of Julio's children (Photo: Mario Sar)
Humberto Grondona, one of Julio's children (Photo: Mario Sar)

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