Jujutsu Kaisen: Unexpected Encounters in Chapter 139, now available on MangaPlus

After the introduction of new characters, and Yuji’s resolution in chapter 138 of Jujutsu Kaisen, the new pages published immediately showed a sudden clash between the protagonist and several Curses, before arriving at a twist capable of surprising and leaving room for interesting future developments.

By title “Hunter” chapter 139, now available on the MangaPlus website, opens precisely with a rapid succession of tables where Yuji shows off his skills, which once again impress Choso, the Cursed Spirit who has now become his ally, who even defines him as a Demon God. Shortly after getting rid of the Curses easily, the focus shifts to a figure that appeared for the first time only in the last chapter, Naoya Zenin, one of Naobito’s sons, and so sure of himself that he believes he is the true heir of the Zenin Family.

In a brief, distracted conversation Yuji learns that his death sentence is valid again since he no longer has Gojo’s support. Naoya is there for an engagement with Megumi, and although he is not directly interested in Yuji and Choso’s actions, he cannot let them hang around like that, and therefore threatens to break his legs.

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After a quick exchange of blows, Yuji realizes that he is facing an opponent of extraordinary speed, while Naoya understands the potential of the protagonist. Suddenly, however, the three fighters feel an aura very similar to that of Gojo, but defined more disturbing, and in the final table appears Yuta Okkotsu, star of the Jujutsu High prequel series.

Recall that Yuji and Todo have formed an exceptional team in the anime, and we leave you to a nice survey done in Japan for Valentine’s Day, where fans were asked which character they would have given a chocolate to.


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