Jujustu Kaisen prepares to explode: exponential sales increase

Even before the announcement of the animated adaptation, Jujutsu Kaisen had already begun to rise as one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s currently most promising series. Predictably, the advent of the anime has pushed the accelerator on the sales of the paper counterpart that suggest stroardinari numbers.

Just as it had emerged on the occasion of the debut of the television transposition, the sales of the manga by Jujustu Kaisen have increased dramatically, even increasing the number of copies purchased of the first 3 issues of the series. Only in the last week, as reported by Oricon, the first 3 tankobons received a further increase of 25 thousand copies sold for a total in order of release of 613 thousand, 574 thousand and 538 thousand volumes in the hands of fans in Japan.

As you can see yourself from the graph attached at the bottom of the news, the increase is significant and heralds a further bang in terms of popularity. Already with only three episodes released, therefore, we can expect that Jujutsu Kaisen become the anime of the moment, as well as currently one of the most famous around. The conditions for emulating the success of Demon Slayer they are all there, all that remains is to MAP study continue to meet the expectations of an increasingly large slice of enthusiasts.

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And you, instead, what do you expect from the television adaptation of the manga of Gege Akutami? Tell us yours, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.


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