Juanes will be awarded as ‘Person of the Year’ at the Latin Grammy 2020

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Artists and friends such as Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz, Rosalía, Mon Laferte and Fonseca will cover some of their best-known songs at the gala

Juanes will be awarded as ‘Person of the Year’ at the Latin Grammy 2020


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“Imagine, brother. I don't know how to express it… ” After two decades triumphing in music, one would think that Juanes He is ready for everything, but the Colombian showed Efe his enormous enthusiasm, and also his nerves, for receiving the honorary prize Person of the Year in Latin Grammy.

“I feel very privileged, honestly, I can't believe it. It's something very big for me and I bless the day I decided to devote myself to music ”, he argued over the phone.

Juanes, who recently released the single "Dawn" of his new album “More future than past”, will be the great protagonist of the gala Person of the Year to be held in Las Vegas on November 13, a day before the Latin Grammy.

This award is given annually to a great figure of Latin American music for his artistic achievements but also for his humanitarian or philanthropic work.

In the case of Juanes, who at 47 is one of the youngest to receive this award, artists and friends as Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz, Rosalia, Mon Laferte or Fonseca they will cover some of the best known themes of the honoree at an intimate gala in the MGM Grand Convention Center from the city of the game.

“I feel very honest, very happy. From a very young age I always dreamed of making music, but I could never measure how far I could go with my career, ”he admitted.

“I am grateful to life for having had the opportunity to find with music a form of identity and expression: a way of connecting with the universe from the guitar, from singing. Not every day is good morning for the artist: ups and downs, there are happy and difficult times. But in the end, passion and love for music make everything possible, ”he defended.

Juanes will add his name to an illustrious list of legends that have received the Person of the Year award, including, for example, Juan Gabriel, Joan Manuel Serrat, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Shakira, Vicente Fernández, Julio Iglesias, José José, Caetano Veloso or Marc Anthony.

In addition, the career of the author of "The black shirt" or "I ask God" has walked almost hand in hand with the Latin Grammy, which this year celebrate its twentieth edition.

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Juanes has 23 golden gramophones, only one less than the Resident record (Calle 13).

And his trip is better understood if, from this year that he receives the Person of the Year, he looks up to 2001, when in the second edition of the Latin Grammy he won the award for best new artist.

"They are a key that opened a door of opportunity for me," he said.

Looking ahead to his big night, in a gala where surprises and emotional moments usually abound, Juanes confessed almost surprising nerves to someone accustomed to face crowds.

“It's super weird because, although I get on stage and make music, I'm not a particularly expressive person. You know? I get a little shy when those things happen, ”he said.

“But I want to enjoy, brother, I want to enjoy that night because it happens only once in a lifetime. You have to enjoy it a lot (…) My mom, my wife, my children will be too. And what better gift that my children can be there watching this… ”, he added.

Juanes also chooses three distinctions in the Latin Grammy ceremony: his song "Want more" will be eligible for recording and song of the year, while "La plata" is nominated for recording of the year.

And in an increasingly competitive Latin scene full of emerging talent, Juanes detailed his secret, inherited from another star, to continue in the spotlight.

“Juan Luis Guerra gave me advice that was very recorded:‘ He always listens to teachers, but he always listens to new artists. Listen to everything that is happening: old music, new music. Of everything. Although you don't necessarily like it, but listen to it, ”he said.

Juanes does not take this award as an end point but as a "stimulus" to continue and tomorrow he will present "Aurora", the first single from the album "More future than past", which will be released on November 22 and that is a look at folklore From the current music.

Finally, the singer said that, from the present, he would not advise anything to that young Juanes who started in music in 2000.

“I would not change anything: the successes and failures that I have had have brought me here. But I would say what I say to my children: believe much more in yourself and love yourself more, ”he concluded.

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