JR Bourne talks about Sheidheda's surprising twist

With the new trailer for The 100 we are approaching the conclusion of the seventh season, and now a star of the series speaks to us of the epic fight involving Sheidheda.

We are talking about J.R. Bourne, an actor who from the sixth season he played Russell Lightbourne, a character currently possessed by the evil Sheidheda. It was a real twist to discover that Russell's physical appearance was actually just a "disguise", and that created it a new challenge for the actor:

"I've never done anything like this, and it was a blessing, an incredible experience. Sheidheda never had a clue who Russell was as a person, then imitating him perfectly didn't make much sense in my opinion. It seemed right to me to interpret him the way Russell should have appeared to him. I realized it was an interesting choice to play him in the way Sheidheda judges Russell, that is, like a fool ".

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In practice, the actor had to take on a sort of double role, having to play the part of someone who plays. Bourne then spoke of the spectacular fight with Indra: "I've never worked with a stunt group like this. They manage to find my weaknesses and my strengths, as an actor and as a fighter, and they made me seem like someone who has always been fighting. […] All that scene was an amazing dance … and I got the thrills in the scene with Adina Porter, for her looks and how she acted the lines. It's wonderful to work with the whole cast, but she in particular is incredible. "

This season is also nearing its end, and fans have been able to witness the tragic disappearance of a character from The 100.


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