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José Ron talks about Rubí's remake during his visit to Mazatlan

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Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The television, film and theater actor José Ron is visiting Mazatlan
The Jalisco is in our port for two different activities: the first is to offer a motivational talk with employees of a local company and the second an autograph firm as part of the advertising campaign of what is image for a well-known line of sports shoes .

The Galerías Mazatlán shopping center hosted the artist's meeting with his sinaloenses fans.


Shortly before 6:30, the histrion that began his career in 2004 in the soap opera Mujer de Madera, was presented to the audience.

Encased with a tight black shirt, blue denim pants and sports shoes of the brand that is image, it is like pike I have green getting the attention of the young people formed in the queue waiting. The ojiverde was extremely kind, accessible, smiling and attentive.

After an hour of signatures, photographs, hugs and kisses, he offered a brief interview with El Debate newspaper, before continuing with another commitment.

The TvyNovelas prize winner spoke of the premiere of the Ruby soap opera remake, which will be released on January 21 through Univision in the United States and soon in Mexico.

"I feel very happy, very grateful to be part of the remake of Rubí's new story, it's a wonderful story, my character loved it, I've been the love of Rubi's life, but she really doesn't pay attention to me I don't know well He doesn't go out with me because I don't meet the economic expectations that the Ruby character is always looking for, so the plot is very beautiful, I hope you like it a lot and don't continue every day, "he said.

He said grateful and happy because they continue to trust him to give him characters, mostly happy to continue doing what he likes.

Sugars that role to lower a very human character and that touches sensitive issues. Being Ruby a remake of a previously told story can lend itself to comparisons, however the artist assumes it with emotion.

"Telling a new story always represents a challenge, which always implies a lot of one in this case is a version that has already been told we have to give a new proposal, give from my point of view as is the character of Alejandro, which for me It is the love of Rubí's life.

"When the character came into my life and the opportunity to tell this story I took it with great thanks and never thought about the comparison, if not the blessing of giving life to such an important character and a soap opera within the history of television well super popular and then I saw it as that and it also led me to a challenge, because it is a super sensitive character gives his heart he is hurt and he is so human that he gives himself too much, but we see that anywhere and that would be my character ", he pointed.

The actor who has been in projects like Rebel, When I fall in love and Muchachitas like you, said that there is always something about him the characters reason that he believes that some producer see him to offer him some character, that "something they see in such a story in which I also have to surrender, for me it is a blessing to have to open my soul, open my heart and give all my energy to be able to tell a story. "

The protagonist of Ringo: the fight of his life, said that in that 2020 there is a proposal to make cinema what he expects to be completed and that he does not withdraw because he had already had to delay and added that he is also focused on what is his music, he said that he is currently in rehearsals with his band (Koktel in which he is a drummer), and that he really wants to see what they are preparing, although he acknowledges that it is still a matter of time however he continues to focus on his things, like his most recent project I give you life, as well as his family and his dogs.

Finally, he commented that he still does not have projects on digital platforms such as Netflix, but that he does have a lot of dreams yet to be fulfilled and we are gradually passing by and what he hopes that first in God everything will come true.

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