Jorge Sampaoli deleted from Atlético Mineiro the former River soccer player who organized three parties and contracted coronavirus

Jorge Sampaoli does not want Ecuadorian Juan Cazares at Atlético Mineiro after his act of indiscipline. The Argentine coach of the Brazilian team will not have in his plans in the Brazilian team the Ecuadorian ex River Plate and Banfield, after the act of indiscipline that starred the week, the Brazilian press said today.

Sampaoli, former coach of the Argentine team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, didn't say it officially but Cazares, 28, is not in his plans by the time Brazilian football resumes, according to what his friends said, he pointed out Esporte Balloon.

Cazares, who played six games in River and 76 in Banfield where he was champion of the National B 2013/2014, She organized three parties at her home before learning the result – she finally tested positive – for the coronavirus test.

The Brazilian prosecution will punish the player with a heavy fine of 130,000 reais ($ 25,000) for his recidivism in this type of act, especially when putting at risk the health of those who attended his home, who were isolated and quarantined.

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They are disappointed at Mineiro and believe they lost a big chance earlier in the year when they received a $ 3 million offer from the Middle East for Cazares. At that time Mineiro asked for a million more and today the leadership is sorry for not having transferred it.

Esporte Balloon mentions about nine acts of Juanito's indiscipline since it arrived at the Brazilian team in 2016. These parties add to the late to training sessions, to the complaint of assault on two women (the cause did not advance due to lack of evidence) and the one in mid-March of this year when he was accused of breaking the quarantine to go play soccer with his partner Rómulo Otero.

Juan Cazares played 205 games and converted 41 goals for Atlético Mineiro. His contract will expire in December this year, so the leadership maintained negotiations with Corinthians to recover some of the money invested. If Timao's intention does not prosper, the French team would also have thought not to extend the link to the Ecuadorian.


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