“Joker” Ending Explained: What Really Happened?


One of the Most Popular Movies “Joker”, Was recently released on 4 October 2019. Todd Philips’ Movie has left fans with an unsolved mystery as before of the Best Villian ever “Joker”.


The Movie tends to be about the Origin of this Legendary Villian. But In the End, Fans are left with the mystery What was Real and What was just in Arthur Fleck’s Crazy Head? So Some of the Fans are still wondering What was the Final Joke of Joker?

Do Not Worry we are here for you to understand this complicated mysteries in a simple manner. As you all know that Joaquin Phoenix had a controversial life. His life went from A Street Clown with Mental Illness to the Leader that he became unintentionally in the riot against Wealthy elites of Gotham City.

This movie expresses the horrific story of Joaquin Phoenix who did not receive love or any kind of support from anyone. Not even His Mother provide the love and care that he needed, Let aside his co-workers, Neighbors, and Society. He also did not have any Friend who will ask if he was okay.

There were many riots that took place in Gotham City. In One of the Riots, Thomas and Martha Wayne were lead to death. So it gives a motive to Bruce Wayne To Become “Batman”.

Well, it is Tragically true that Joker is Responsible for Batman’s Existence. Joker can’t be trusted as fans claimed after watching the ending scenes. When Arthur was asked in the Arkham Prison about What is the Joke in this. He replied You all would not get it.

So The Conclusion that we have reached is the whole life of Joker is A Big Joke. The Final Joke describes “His Life” Which he says no one will Understand.


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