Joker, Bill Skarsgård transforms into the clown in this gorgeous fan art

Although he probably won't be the villain of the next The Batman with Robert Pattinson, the figure of Joker is still very much in vogue after Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar-winning performance in Todd Phillips' film. The web is full of fan art that I imagine other actors in the role of the clown prince of crime, such as Johhny Depp or Macaulay Culkin.

An image that has met with some success in recent weeks is the one posted by digital artist Saarukan Suhanthan, who imagined in the role of Joker the clown from another famous film: Bill Skarsgård, who played Pennywise in It.

In the caption, the author of the fan art explained that in his opinion Bill Skarsgård would be the most suitable actor to interpret in the future the nemesis of Batman, perhaps using a wig and prostheses to lengthen the chin and nose. The post collected a few hundred likes and a series of positive comments.

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For what concern Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix, there are some useful elements to understand the age of Arthur Fleck in the films: despite the actor having 44 years old at the time of filming, it seems that his character has about ten fewer.

If you haven't already, you can check out the new photos with Joaquin Phoenix recently shared by the director Todd Phillips.


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