JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Jotaro is shown in this splendid cosplay

That de JoJo's Bizarre Adventures It is a franchise that over the course of these long years has managed to win the attention of a huge audience scattered in every corner of the world, incredible results linked to the many characters present, to the compelling narrated stories and to the representative style of the production.

The success of the series has led to the creation of various parallel productions that have helped keep the audience busy, who has never missed the opportunity to praise the brand through cosplay and fanart very often made with great care, works that in more than one occasion have contributed to expanding the reputation of the reference franchise.

This time, to have attracted the attention of the web we find the cosplayer RinkoReign, who has decided to pay homage to the work with a splendid themed cosplay The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo and dedicated to Jotaro. As you can see from the image at the bottom of the news, the work brought to light by the boy is characterized by a great attention to detail, not only because of the excellent reconstruction of the clothing, but also because of the help of a well-kept make-up up that gave him those features typical of the good Jotaro, with a final result of great level.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that just recently the staff that worked on the series has revealed possible news on JoJo Vento Aureo's Le Bizzarre Avventure.


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