JoJo: the anime staff suggests new content for Vento Aureo

Ever since the end of the last season of le Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, Vento Aureo, fans are waiting for good news about the next animated adaptation. In the past few hours, a rather vague teaser released by Warner Bros Japan has sparked the fandom debate.

Through a tweet, in fact, the production company has communicated that a virtual panel will be held on 3 July together with the Anime Expo convention. During the event we will talk about everything related to the JoJo anime, and a further post by the official account of the series has ignited the fantasies of the fans:

"Are you ready to learn more about Vento Aureo? In case you are not, prepare your stand for special guests and for new content in live streaming".

Given the long silence on the part of the production, fans wonder if this next appointment could be a real opportunity to find out the cards on the future of the animated series. On the one hand it is certainly an option not to be underestimated, however the precarious conditions in which the animation industry is facing – due to the tremendous impact of the Coronavirus – do not represent the ideal moment for such a move.

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Some fans, as you can see below, they would like to see the announcement of a second part of Vento Aureoothers would prefer transposition within a Purple Haze Feedback OVA, a light novel written by Kadono Kohei and illustrated by Hiroiko Araki.

What expectations do you have regarding this event? Tell us below with a comment.

Hiroiko Araki, best wishes to the creator of JoJo, the mangaka turns 60. A girl imitated the poses of JoJo characters, accumulating millions of visits on social networks.


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