JoJo: a voice actor reveals a clue about the next season of the anime

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David Production, at the moment, has not disclosed any official information regarding the sixth season of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo. However, a voice actor from the series provided several clues about the Joestar family's next adventure.

During an interview, the voices of Bruno Bucciarati and Giorno Giovanna have retraced several anecdotes of their artistic career. The moment Ray Chase (Bruno Bucciarati) discussed his preparation process for dubbing an Italian character, confirmed that in the sixth season he and his colleagues will have to familiarize the "Floridian".

The last season of JoJo will receive a Blu-Ray edition in the autumn, however the attention of the fans are all concentrated on the announcement of the next transposition. Several elements point to an imminent communication, above all the preparation of the Warner Bros panel this weekend.

Eventually, there would be two more credited options for an ad. On the one hand the most probable one, the adaptation of Stone Ocean, on the other the transposition of the light novel written by Kohei Kadono and illustrated by Araki himself – Purple Haze Feedback.

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Which adaptation would you prefer to see in the short term? As always, have your say in the comments section.

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