John Rhys-Davies, career at risk for the star of The Lord of the Rings: here's why

John Rhys Davies, interpreter of the character of Sallah in the saga of Indiana Jones and of Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, spoke ofimpact of the pandemic about her career in a recent interview with SyFy Wire.

"I just lost two films because they couldn't insure senior actors against Covid-19" explained the actor. "I just entered the age range of 75 to 90, and apparently I have three-quarters of a foot in the pit. Or even the earth comes up to my knees."

Rhys-Davies later revealed that he considered the possibility that his career "may be over": "When I hear my friends who organize concerts say, 'We don't expect to do anything until 2002', I take it as a kind of warning about what could happen to the world of cinema."

"I found a job that will keep me busy for two weeks, but to do it I have to quarantine another two weeks in a hotel room" he added. "I have to be in a room completely by myself for two weeks and I have to do all the tests before shooting, so I have to weigh all the pros and cons."

Recently, the actor talked about the roles of Ghimli and Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings.

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