Jobless Reincarnation amid criticism and censorship, Japanese fans reply: “It will improve”

Jobless Reincarnation it arrived after more than five years of endless waiting, and it absolutely met the expectations of fans thanks to great animations, a great story and memorable characters. The series, however, received strong criticism in the West and China due to the protagonist, considered a bit too perverse.

For the uninitiated, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation tells the story of a thirty-four year old neet who loses his life saving a group of boys, reincarnated moments after death in the body of an infant, Rudeus, in a fantasy world. The protagonist is therefore an adult in the body of a child, and during the first few episodes she tends to behave inappropriately with her future party mates, Roxy, Sylphie and Eris, with avanche and outright sexual harassment.

The protagonist’s behavior angered several viewers, and in China the broadcast of the series was suspended. In North America, however, Funimation has opted for strong censorship, changing entire dialogues and trying to make the protagonist less detestable. After just over a month, came in response from Japanese fans, who asked audiences from all over the world to try to be patient a little longer.

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According to the blog Yaraon! the anime is the subject of discussion in many forums, and although readers of the novels understand the reasons for the criticism, they still tend to ask for more patience: “It was not necessary to create such a protagonist. We are talking about a bad, distorted character, but all this will only increase the impact of his path of redemption. You have to have a lot of patience because the protagonist is like this for a long time, but the development is sublime, even if it arrives a little late“Many fans have stated that it is normal for such a protagonist to disgust viewers, especially considering that similar traits usually belong to villains, but they ask to be patient and give this incredible tale a chance.

What do you think of it? Will you continue to follow Mushoku Tensei? Let us know with a comment!


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