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 Jesse Eisenberg wants another chance to be Lex Luthor

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Image of Lex Luthor in Justice League (2017)

The actor Jesse Eisenberg he was sincere the other day during a promotional interview of “Zombieland 2” by commenting that he believed his time as Lex Luthor was over. The incarnation that the actor made of the villain has been severely criticized by fans, but the truth is that, yes "League of Justice" had it turned out otherwise, he would have had Luthor's return for the sequel he was preparing.

In a new interview, Eisenberg has said he is still interested in the character and would love the opportunity to play the villain again, although he knows there is little chance of it happening.

Yes of course. Yes. I loved it very much. I was the shyest boy in the world. Getting to play an evil character with an extravagance like that is exciting. I probably don't do another one. I don't know if they are doing another one in which I am. But I loved it. It has been great. I am very happy that I could do it, forever.

As we said, the future of the character becomes quite opaque in the universe of DC movies, and even more so in the case of a villain mainly linked to Superman, a superhero who is also completely ruled out in the most immediate future of Warner Bros.

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