Javier Fernández: "I wanted to leave it at the top and with a good record"

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Javier Fernandez, the most important Spanish skater in history, has attended BE Sports in one of the last programs of the year. The Spaniard, who has retired from high competition during 2019, is immersed in a skating show called 'Revolution On Ice'.

"The year of goodbye has been a good year. Full of projects and a year totally different from what the previous 22 had done," said the Madrid skater. "At the moment I miss the competition a little. I miss the atmosphere, the teammates but at the moment the competition does not," Fernandez said.

Questioned by Pacojó about a reversal on his withdrawal, Javier Fernandez He pointed out that it is "of those people that when he makes a decision is usually forever", thus closing the door to a possible return to the competition.

"He was one of the veterans in the individual modality. This is the sport. With 25-26 years you tend to be the oldest I have endured a little more and I wanted to leave it at the top and with a good record ", argued the Madrid on the decision to hang the skates.

Javier Fernández will be this weekend – Saturday and Sunday – at the Palacio de Vistalagre with his show 'Revolution on ice', the project he has been working on since before his retirement. "I am very excited, it is a beautiful project. It is a show that last year was a success and this year it has been "commented the Olympic medalist.

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"It is a show that we are not used to seeing. We reinvent ourselves every year. There will be European and Olympic friends and medalists. There will also be live music with Stool, Carlos Jean, Blas Cantó and Belén Aguilera. We have acrobatics, a story that also serves as the guiding thread of the show ", said Javier Fernández who is optimistic about the future of our skating.

"There is a future in Spanish skating. We Spaniards are eager to overcome them and that is key in the world of sports. We have two dance couples among the best in the world, a free couple, we are there, "he concluded.

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