Jason Momoa, the star has fun on board a Dune Bugghy: here are the photos

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While Denis Villeneuve prepares to return to the Hungarian set of Dune, whose additional filming will take place in Budapest in the coming weeks, the cast member Jason Momoa he shared photos of his past day in a location similar to the setting of the film.

"Like a pig in the m *** a" wrote the Aquaman star on Instagram, revealing that he spent a day in the sand aboard a Dune Bugghy. "This is difficult to explain, but I had a fantastic day. Now I need a Dune bugghy. Dune will come soon. Aloha."

As revealed in recent days, the first trailer of Villeneuve's film is expected to make its debut on August 21 together with the return to Inception. The release of the film, we remind you, is still set for 17 December 2020 despite the numerous postponements made by the majors following the pandemic.

Momoa described it this way his role in Dune: "I will be Duncan Idaho, an experienced and trusted swordsman of Duke Leto, who will be Oscar Isaac. He is the first person who is sent to Arrakis, where he meets the character of Javier Bardem. I can't believe I shot a scene together with Javier Bardem! It's a huge movie, and I'm this little Han Solo type of the group. I'll have to protect Timothée Chalamet and be under Oscar Isaac's orders. "

If you haven't seen Momoa as the character yet, here you can find the official images of Dune released by Warner Bros last April.

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