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 Jason Momoa says the Aquaman sequel is already planned and filming starts by 2020

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Image of Aquaman (2018)

This past May, the actor Jason Momoa confirmed that the story for the sequel to "Aquaman" was over. A job he did with screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, but director James Wan still needs to get to work with the film, something for which there will still be a wait for 2020.

Jason Momoa has granted an extensive interview to the Esquire media to discuss many issues, and there has been a hint of his role as Aquaman. The portal confirms that next year the sequel will begin filming, and echo the words of Momoa remembering that he had a very important role in conceiving that story:

I came with a great proposal. I came with everything planned and they loved it.

He further explains in the post that one of the reasons he was so excited to play Aquaman is that the character he is the rare superhero who fights for the oceans and in fact signed without being very aware how much his character interpretation would extend:

I signed it how long, five years ago? And they say: ‘Are you not doing anything? We're going to have you sign a four-movie contract ’. As if you were going to do all that and get caught. You know what I mean?

The pre-production of the film was known to begin in 2020 but it was not so clear when the shooting itself would begin. The premiere of the film is set for December 2022, although before we remember that the film about The Pit must arrive.

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