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 Jared Harris denies that he is Doctor Octopus in Morbius

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Capture of the first trailer of Morbius (2020)

Since we saw it in the first trailer of "Morbius"There has been a lot of speculation about the role played by the nominee for a Golden Globe Jared Harris. Although his role has not been officially revealed, everything indicates that he will play Emil Nikos, the scientific partner of Michael Morbius, seeing him in the trailer as his mentor has begun to arouse some speculation.

All this has led many fans to start theorizing with possible roles like Doctor Connors or even Doctor Octopus. Taking advantage of his visit at the awards ceremony held yesterday by the actors union, Harris was specifically asked about his participation in this vampire movie of the Spider-Man universe that Sony Pictures is doing, and Harris just said Who plays a character. Faced with this mystery, he was asked directly about the rumors of Octopus and has flatly denied them.

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There are a lot of crazy ideas out there – the actor responds by implying that he can play Doctor Octopus, and by asking him directly if the rumors are close to his role in the film, he responds directly with a refusal. No. I love the imagination that fans have, it is exciting for me to think about the imagination that fans have. But nah, it isn't.

In another interview, also in the framework of the awards ceremony, he has similarly denied the rumor:

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