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“It's very sad to see you walk alone”, Sarita reappears with a message for her parents' silver wedding (VIDEO)

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"It was very sad, because now I saw you walking alone through the door where the two years ago came and went together to make a happy life," he wrote Sarita Sosa in a video he published of his mother walking towards the church, where 25 years ago he married Jose jose.

This January 5, Sara Salazar would celebrate her silver wedding with the "Prince of the song", so she and her daughter visited the temple where they "married and made their promises." And Sarita took the opportunity to record her mother, dressed in black, entering the church with weak steps.

“I admire them and cry when I remember their beautiful love story and I thank God for allowing me to witness it. Couples like you there are very few and I think they should all be like that, with the love of God as their center (sic), ”added the singer's youngest daughter.

In addition, he revealed to his mother that he promised his father, to take care of her "and I will do the same until the day she is not here."

In her post on Instagram, the young woman also presumed that she now wears her father's bracelet and ring, with which "they both made their promise."

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