It’s not the first time a Marvel star has denied an announcement

Exactly one month ago, Tatiana Maslany was announced as the protagonist of She-Hulk, the new series Marvel Cinematic Universe currently in house production Marvel Studios for the streaming on demand service Disney Plus.

However, in the past few hours the actress has denied her involvement by catching virtually everyone, fans and insiders by surprise. But what is true in this story?

After over a decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe we know how introverted and reserved the company of Kevin Feige is when it comes to sharing information with the public, and it’s possible that ‘advice’ from the Marvel Studios executive is behind Maslany’s retraction. After all it wouldn’t be the first time an MCU actor with a role already in his pocket has been forced to deny the evidence.

For example, in October 2013, Variety announced that Paul Rudd had been cast by Disney and Marvel for the lead role of Ant-Man, but the actor repeatedly denied the rumors until days before they were confirmed by the studio executives. In an interview published on December 11, Rudd laughed: “They are all rumors. I don’t know anything, I’m sorry“, while on December 19, or eight days later, Marvel officially presented it.

Similar story with Brie Larson in June 2016, when major Hollywood news outlets warned the world that the Oscar-winning actress had been cast to play Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. A few months earlier, speaking with MTV UK, the star had claimed that he had “no idea” who Carol Danvers was, swapping the character of Captain Marvel with that of Captain America: was presented by Marvel Studios on July 23, 2016, with great fanfare at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Of course, the negotiations fail and the agreements may not go through: Kevin Feige previously talked about the negotiation process and what happens when Marvel’s required actors turn down roles, which it can also happen to the most popular and successful franchise in the history of cinema. “If there is an actor we want for something we contact him, but he may not be interested. You think you have failed, but you get back in the game and go in search of someone better. Don’t dwell on failures, you just have to move forward as fast as possible.

Something is brewing between Marvel Studios and Tatiana Maslany, as it was for Paul Rudd and Carol Danvers, or did the actress really break off negotiations for the Disney + series? We’ll see.


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