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         "It's not‘ Terminator: The babysitter ’, so let's get away from all the nonsense of PG-13 with Dark Fate." Arnold Schwarzenegger

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'Terminator: Dark Destiny' will not reach theaters until October 31, but the promotional campaign of the film has already started and in Espinof we have been able to attend a press conference in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilon They have revealed several details of this expected sequel.

As expected they have not hesitated to praise each other, especially Schwarzenegger, who has said that "Linda was not another woman doing action, she raised the bar in those scenes. There's no one like her"Remember that the actress did not participate in the previous three deliveries and she herself dared to say what was wrong with them:

It failed to not have a story with few characters that matter to you. You can have all the special effects of the world and blow up a thousand buildings, but if you don't know who is inside, it hardly matters.

In addition to James Cameron's return to the saga, 'Terminator: Dark Fate' too retrieves the R rating in the United States, which allows greater freedom when it comes to the vocabulary used and to address violence. Schwarzenegger I think that is something basic and made this interesting reflection:


It is not titled ‘Terminator: The nanny’, so we better get away from PG-13 and all that nonsense, because it would be faked. One of the reasons why the last film did not work well in the United States was because people were very bothered by the PG-13. The study is great putting the money and distributing it, but during the process people make mistakes. They think that ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ raised billions and were PG-13, so let's do Terminator as well. Has no sense. ‘Terminator’ is a brutal movie. Over the years they have included other features, but it is still a killing machine and that is what it does.

The actor also highlighted the difficulty of an action scene that takes place inside an airplane that is on its way to crashing, since they had to appear that there was no gravity during it and, obviously, the years are noticeable. For his part, Hamilton regretted not having time to enjoy more of his time in Madrid, since the film was then in an initial phase: "I spent a lot of time in the room deciphering the script and working on things. I could not be the tourist that I would have liked".

Another moment that will attract the attention of the audience is when technology is used to show younger characters than they are and Hamilton offered several interesting details of the process:

Sarah Connor

It is very difficult to give even one day of your character when you care so much. The scene was filmed with a young woman, chosen mainly because her body resembled that of Sarah Connor 28 years ago. I contributed very little. After filming, they added the face via CGI, I entered at the end vocally duplicating their interpretation to finish joining everything. It was hard to see because it wasn't me.

The actress also initially noted that she would not mind leaving the saga and would only return if there was something new to contribute. The problem is that it didn't suit Schwarzenegger very well, who reproached him for not wanting to continue having a great time with him on the set, so I do not hesitate to correct his words to say that he would be delighted and that he was the reason.

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