“It will be a grand finale, with guests of honor”

There have already been some shocking twists in the seventh season of The 100, but apparently the final episode will aim to surprise again, also thanks to the return of some characters, as revealed by the showrunner and series director Jason Rothenberg.

We will try to give a conclusion to as many things as possible. It’s an ending, and a series finale too, so there will be some surprise guests. The fans have expectations of a certain level, but I feel that we have always managed to meet them in the various endings “, stated a TV Line.

We don’t know exactly what it refers to, but it is likely that we will see some familiar characters return to the scene. Plus, the ending gave Rothenberg a way to get in behind the camera for the first time, a real challenge for him, since he is also working on the prequel for The 100:

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It was a difficult season, not least because we had to produce a pilot episode within the season, and because we shot the pilot long after filming began. I went from being on the prequel set to getting ready to shoot the finale in no time … it was definitely a challenge, but I’m glad I did. Maybe I would have preferred to have done it sooner, so I already cut my teeth with four or five episodes, but if I hadn’t done it I would have regretted it. “

All that remains is to wait to see how the apocalyptic The CW series will end. If the last episode arrives shortly in the US, we will have to wait October 26, 2020 for the start of the seventh season, coming to Premium Action. To pass the wait, here are 5 series for fans of The 100.


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