It was revealed how much money Floyd Mayweather will donate for George Floyd's funerals

Former American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the highest-paid athlete in the world at the end of his career (EFE)
Former American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the highest-paid athlete in the world at the end of his career (EFE)

Floyd Mayweather will cover the expenses of the funeral services of George FloydMayweather Promotions Executive Director Leonard Ellerbe told the network on Monday. ESPN. The 46-year-old African American died a week ago as a result of a brutal arrest by Minneapolis (Minnesota) police, one of whom immobilized him with a knee in the neck for nearly nine minutes. The fact that it was videotaped has unleashed the biggest wave of protests in the United States in recent decades.

Ellerbe confirmed to ESPN that Floyd's family accepted Mayweather's offer to defray the cost of funeral services. "He's probably going to be mad at me for saying that, but yeah, (Mayweather) is definitely paying for the funeral," he said.

The billionaire "has done this kind of thing for the past 20 years," Ellerbe explained., who said the former five-division world champion – retired from the rings in 2017 with a record 50 wins and no losses – declined to comment on his gesture. Floyd's family lawyer added Monday that the funeral will be held June 9 in Houston. Previously, the relatives will host a farewell ceremony in Minneapolis on Thursday and another on Saturday in the state of North Carolina, where Floyd was born.

Floyd's death sparked protests across the United States (Reuters)
Floyd's death sparked protests across the United States (Reuters)

This Tuesday, the site TMZ released the amount of the check Mayweather sent to the family of the deceased: $ 88,500. "He is simply doing what he thinks is right in his heart."added an anonymous source to the North American portal. While the site FightHype He aired a video showing the former world champion in his gym telling his friends why he decided to donate the money.

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"We are giving back something like this our people", maintained the 46-year-old former boxer, who insisted: "It is not different from all the others who support their own friends, there is no difference between Mexicans who support Mexicans, Dominicans who support Dominicans, Chinese who They support the Chinese, the Puerto Ricans who support the Puerto Ricans, I am a black American. I support my people first"

An official autopsy released Monday determined that Floyd died of "neck compression" when a police officer pinned him down. Officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third degree murder. The protests, which have spread across dozens of US cities, demand that three other police officers who helped Chauvin also be prosecuted.


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