It took a year to design the sandworms of the new Dune

Sandworms are one of the most iconic and incredible creatures on Arrakis, the planet where much of the action in the universe takes place. done, for this reason, director Denis Villeneuve wanted to recreate them with the highest possible level of detail.

The director recently spoke with Empire Magazine (via Slash Film) and revealed that it took a year for them to have the final design of these sandworms ready, all for the details that must be thought to know how these creatures can come into existence.

“We’ve talked about every little detail that would make such a beast possible, from the texture of the skin to the way it opens its mouth, as well as the system that would allow it to feed on the sand.” counted the director.”It’s been a year of work to design and find the perfect shape with a prehistoric enough look”

The reason for giving so much importance to these creatures is that they are essential to the history of Dune since their activity on the planet Arrakis is vital for the production of the spice that makes this planet such a unique and important place for which great families They fight life or death, as a spice is synonymous with wealth and power in this science fiction universe.

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There are high hopes for this new adaptation of the revered novels by Villeneuve’s know-how and the huge cast of actresses and actors who have ensured the director of The Arrival, Moon, and others in order to do justice to the writings of Frank Herbert.

We will know if he has managed to find the right key when the film hits theaters on December 18 (assuming that the delays do not make their own, taking it further).


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