"It is for a great of England": a legend of the German team praised Raúl Jiménez

REUTERS / Peter Nicholls
REUTERS / Peter Nicholls

Raúl Jiménez He has spent almost two seasons demonstrating a high level with the Wolverhampton of the Premier League, situation that has not gone unnoticed by some world football icons such as Lothar Matthaus.

"If you continue to play at this high level at the end of the season, there could be great interest from several bigger teams in England than Wolverhampton."Mentioned the former German footballer for Fox Sports.

In recent weeks, the European press has given various versions of the striker's future. Raúl Jiménez. The most extravagant versions are those of a signing with the Manchester United and Juventus.

However, the ram's father, who is called the same as his son, assured that so far these versions are rumors. "Right now are times and times of rumors, first God the league (Premier) next month hopefully it resumes and that's what we are right now"He noted in an interview with Halftime.

(Photo: Colorsport / Shutterstock)
(Photo: Colorsport / Shutterstock)

Don Raúl assured that there are no specific offers for his son. "The rest, because there is nothing. Only what he has commented on what one sees that they publish, but not (there is nothing) at the moment "he indicated.

He mentioned that they wait for the Premier League, which is still suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, to resume. "Yes, (change club or go to Italy) that will come as a consequence, but today we are going to wait for this to resume"he sentenced.

However, the father of the Mexican netbreaker said that Jiménez is happy with Wolverhampton. Although he is flattered by the different versions that place him in important teams in the old continent.

"Raúl has always said so, which is something very cool (hearing that Juventus and Manchester United are looking for him); He is very happy in his team, hopefully getting into Champions League positions and in the Europa League at the moment. Always for him, all that will be very gratifying, very cool to hear those comments"He clarified.

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REUTERS / David Klein / File Photo
REUTERS / David Klein / File Photo

And it is that, according to the English newspaper The Times, Juventus entered the race for the Mexican for the next transfer market. In this way, Vecchia Signora would fight with Manchester United, who also seeks the services of the striker.

With just two years with the Wolves, Raúl has 38 goals, making him the highest historical scorer of the institution. Of these, 26 have been in the Premier League and 4 in the FA Cup in England.

In the current campaign, which is suspended by the coronavirus pandemic, the aztec striker accumulates 2,616 minutes played. In addition, he has 13 goals (seven in play, three in the head and three in penalties) and six assists.

From these notes, 92.3% (12) were in the second half. Likewise, he is the second player with the highest number of shots in the current English league (88) and registers a 14.8% effectiveness in shots.

He was the top scorer for Wolverhampton in the 2018-19 Season. In his first Premier League experience he added 3,091 minutes (38 PJ) and scored 13 goals (eight in play, three in the head and two in penalties).

At 28 years old, the netbreaker has been through great clubs throughout his career. He debuted in 2011 with the Águilas del América and then made the leap to the major European leagues, with stops at Atletico Madrid of Spain and Benfica of Portugal.


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