It Follows 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Here’s all we know about the upcoming It Follows sequel. A horror film called It Follows premiered in 2014, and over 10 years later, a sequel is in the works. The first film was a terrifying and unforgettable experience thanks to director David Robert Mitchell. despite the fact that it didn’t have a huge budget, it was nonetheless quite popular. The concept of a force that can take whatever form it wants and yet track you down was terrifying. This power has returned to torment us once again.

It Follows 2 Renewal Status

The sequel to It Follows has been officially announced, and its original actor, Maika Monroe, will be reprising her role as Jay Height. Jay, a young lady who has a sexual experience and then is pursued by a supernatural creature, was the protagonist of a cult horror film from 2014. The film also included cameos by Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi, and Lili Sepe.

As to Variety, Monroe will reconnect with director David Robert Mitchell for the second sequel, titled They Follow. Oscar-winning studio Neon, the company behind Parasite, is co-producing the horror film alongside Mitchell, who also returns in the roles of writer and director.

It Follows 2 Release Date

The horror sequel has only recently been revealed, so audiences still have some time to wait until they can see it in theaters. According to THR, production will commence up in 2019, putting a late 2024 or early 2025 release date for They Follow at the earliest.

It Follows 2 Cast

David Mitchell’s ‘It Follows’ has an ensemble cast of young, up-and-coming performers with tremendous potential. Daniel Zovatto plays Greg, Jake Weary plays Hugh, Olivia Luccardi plays Yara, and Lili Sepe plays Kelly. Keir Gilchrist (of Atypical fame) plays Paul.

If Jay’s storyline is maintained in the sequel, then Maika Monroe might return to her part. Another thing she said was that she hoped there would be a sequel. Gilchrist, in the role of Paul, and the other survivors are possible additions. More probable, however, is that the movie will switch to a new tale with a related plot and introduce a new main character. This would imply adding or presenting fresh faces to the team.

It Follows 2 Plot

The story’s premise and the several paths it may go down are both intriguing. Some viewers have compared It Follows to the Final Destination series of horror films, seeing parallels between the two series’ central conceits of protagonists being pursued by a malevolent force and caught in a fatal cycle. A follow-up might follow a fresh set of people as they cope with the monster from It Follows, much as in those films. However, the most intriguing route to go would be to investigate the background of the monster and Jay’s quest to locate and destroy it.

At the conclusion of It Follows, Jay and Paul slept together, and Paul sought out a sex worker to pass the curse on to in the hopes that it would never come back to them. Jay and Paul are shown in the last scene strolling hand in hand with an unknown man trailing close behind, implying that their plan failed.

The sequel to It Follows might start with Paul dead and Jay going on the search for her killer. The transformation of Jay from cunning victim to dogged hero may make for an exciting sequel, reminiscent of Aliens. Though there are exciting things to explore with the notion, there are also plenty of folks who believe No It Follows 2 is a good thing.

It’s easy to see why the director has been hesitant to start production on a sequel for so long. Despite being underexplored, the mythology of It Follows is exciting. A sequel might ruin the novelty of the idea and ruin the original work. The fact that the movie’s entity is only partially explained and most of it is kept unclear is perhaps for the best. Like the beginning, the conclusion is intentionally vague, leaving the reader to wonder whether Jay will ever stop worrying if she is being followed.


With the return of Maika Monroe and David Robert Mitchell, as well as the promise of a sequel that preserves the heart of the original, the announcement of They Follow has left the horror community abuzz. The film’s investigation of psychological dread and supernatural suspense will be revisited, giving viewers more of the spooky, unnerving horror that made It Follows a standout.

Fans of the horror genre will be thrilled to learn that They Follow will be a sequel to It Follows that does justice to the first film while also developing its mythology. With Monroe and Mitchell at the helm, They Follow seems set to be a fitting sequel to the original, and the return to this eerie setting is going to be a highlight of the horror movie scene.

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