“It doesn't matter sex or social class”: Aleida Núñez sends empowerment message with sensual pose

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The singer also showed off her tanned skin and assured that she already counts the days to return to the beach

“It doesn't matter sex or social class”: Aleida Núñez sends empowerment message with sensual pose

Aleida Nunez

Edgar Medel / Reform Agency

Aleida Nunez She is one of the famous spoiled in social networks, not only for her beauty, but for the sensual poses that leave her almost 2 million followers breathless in Instagram.

The native of Jalisco shared an image where she poses in front of the sun's rays, protecting her eyes with dark lenses.

In the sensual photography, Aleida He says that it is not long before he returns to the beach, wearing a pink swimsuit, he only showed the upper part with which his tanned skin stood out.

Before reaching her next destination, the singer enjoys conducting provocative photo shoots, such as the one she presumed this Sunday.

Inside a luxury car and sensual clothes, she showed that she has control and sent a strong message to all her fans:

"With empowerment, sex and social class do not matter … their goal is to increase strength, capabilities and potential to improve in every way. 💥 ”

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Before the provocative text, his fans assured that Aleida She is simply the perfect woman:

"There are no words to define so much beauty but some that are close to how perfect you are💖 ","You are a queen 😍 ","Mamasita you are absolutely right","Beautiful Ale, you don't have to improve in any way, you're 10","A charm all of you is perfect","Latin beauty a beautiful diva like her alone and cheerful and humble and intelligent her best charms","Absolutely agree! You are beautiful inside and out !!“, They are just some of the more than 600 comments that his fans wrote.

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