Is Undead Unluck already a success? Poster for the release of volume 1 and top 50 at the beginning

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At first Undead Unluck had raised concerns about an opening page that is not particularly compliant with the rules, but it seems that Yoshifumi Tozuka's manga has slowly conquered the audience of Weekly Shonen Jump. And the debut of the first volume had yesterday 3 April seems to confirm this positive trend.

After asking fans in the past few weeks to share what extras they would like to see in the first volume of Undead Unluck, the mangaka Tozuka shared a post where he shows the promotional material for the sale that started yesterday in the Japanese stores. Undead Unluck was given a large hardback with the two protagonists above, Andy and Fuko, with some posters that highlight them.

This advertisement seems to be good for Undead Unluck since, according to the Shoseki ranking referring to April 3, placed 29th in daily sales. An important fact if you consider that the ranking is still crowded with many volumes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, who still manage to sell dizzying figures. Obviously we will have to keep an eye on the trend in the coming days and weeks, in particular pending the Oricon rankings with lots of sales numbers, but certainly Undead Unluck has had a good debut so far.

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