Is this Virginia’s evil plan?

Virginia will play a fundamental role in the dramas of Fear The Walking Dead 6, and the second episode of the new season reveals fundamental details regarding his plan.

Six weeks after having shot at Morgan and having split her group, the leader played by Colby Minifie had to face the failure of her bombing: “I was convinced that it was essential that you die, but it is not. I just need them to think you’re dead“, Virginia ordered him, threatening to kill all his friends if he came back to them.

In the episode entitled Welcome to the Club, we discover that Virginia’s plan is precisely that of to turn his group members against him. He forced Alicia and Victor Strand to kill a herd of zombies: if they didn’t, she would have killed Charlie and Daniel. Their goal was to clear the way and retrieve a valuable weapon, but to their surprise the mysterious tool never existed:

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The thing I’m looking for isn’t here, it’s you! A true leader, and it is for what you have accomplished today, for what all of you have done, that you hold the key to our survival. You have just formed an army. Or, at least, you are just getting started“, revealed the villain turning to Strand.

With threats you get it all … in spite of good manners. Will the prisoners really play Virginia’s game? Or will they rebel, with the risk that someone will lose out? To find out we will have to wait for the third episode inspired by Die Hard.


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