Is the video in which Ezra Miller beats a fan real?

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Ezra Miller is one of the most promising young actors of his generation. We met him with the intense and disturbing 'We have to talk about Kevin', which told us the story of a violent and troublesome boy, and confirmed his good work in 'The advantages of being an outcast', a cult classic today. Then Warner arrived and gave the actor the opportunity to appear in two great sagas: 'Fantastic Animals', playing Credence Barebone, and in the DC Universe, playing Barry Allen, that is, The Flash.

The actor has always been characterized by not having hair on his tongue in interviews, in addition to being one of those 'method actors' a la Jared Leto, with hobbies during filming for his peers. But the strangest thing of all is the video that has gone viral on Twitter. The actor, filming in Iceland for several weeks, met a fan, who jokingly approaches him. Ezra Miller asks him: do you want a fight? and it seems in a friendly tone. He grabs her around the neck and puts her on the floor more or less gently, but when he leaves her on the floor, it seems that things get out of control because the author of the video starts shouting at Ezra to calm down. Here you can see the video.

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According to Reddit, Ezra Miller spit on those who recorded the video and had an aggressive attitude towards them, but there is nothing confirmed, and the video for now seems edited, so we will have to wait to see what is really in everything. this.

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