Is Kora more powerful than Captain Marvel?

The last mission of the Agents of SHIELD is approaching and there are already those who throw on the plate compare with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially as regards the character of Kora.

In this seventh season we have seen our heroes travel through time and reach 1983, only to discover that Daisy Johnson has a half-sister. Like Daisy, too Kora is part of the Inhumans and is endowed with extraordinary powers, even too extraordinary, given that at some point they become a danger to themselves and to others. She is then confined to Afterlife, a brutal fate that forces her to commit suicide, only to return free and ally with Malick in an alternate timeline.

Its power makes it very similar to Captain Marvel and in episode A Brand New Day gave us a taste of what he is capable of: with a simple punch he can sweep away the base of the SHIELD. Later we see her channeling her powers into devastating energy rays and break through walls without any difficulty.

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He could easily win the title of the most powerful character in the series, but would he also be able to compete in the cinema environment? Carol Danvers is able to fly, to throw photon beams and knock out a spaceship like Thanos's with a single shot.

What do you think? Could Kora prove to be more powerful than Captain Marvel? A clash between the two would certainly be interesting, even if Agents is not in continuity with the MCU.


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