Is Dr. Disrespect coming back to YouTube waiting to switch to Facebook?

After the Twitch ban Dr. Disrespect has been lost, the famous streamer of Call of Duty, however, seems to be about to return to the scene … not on the Amazon platform of course, but on YouTube!

To date, the reasons that led Twitch to definitively ban Disrespect after having locked it up with a multi-million dollar contract at the beginning of the year are still unknown. After being forced to leave Amazon's streaming platform, Disrespect now seems to have marched on YouTube even if according to some rumors reported by The Verge, the streamer prepares to switch to Facebook Gaming.

Disrespect is ready to go back to work but where it is still not entirely clear, as mentioned at the moment it is possible to follow him on YouTube and during the night a test live was aired that gathered tens of thousands of viewers. In some recent interviews Dr Disrespect was terse and stated that he will never return to Twitch after the ban, so it is natural for him to seek further professional solutions to continue to entertain his huge community hard built over years of work.

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