Is DC Comics about to replace Superman? Yes according to a rumor

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In the past few hours, a rumor shared by Bleeding Cool is generating a discreet noise. The source revealed that DC Comics would plan to make Superman the leader of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch's "The Authority" series released in 1999.

According to the rumor, Clark Kent should head the superhero team of Jenny Sparks, Midnighter, Apollo, The Doctor, Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor and Swift. It is a team that was born from a rib of the dissolved Stormwatch, whose approach to crime has become increasingly dictatorial and ruthless.

This unexpected move would change Superman's status quo in the DC universe; in its place should take over Jonathan Kent, relegating Clark to a different role. If so, it would be a similar choice to that taken by Marvel with the management of Professor X in the last narrative cycle of Jonathan Hickman.

Such a revolution would not be so straightforward, also consider Brian Michael Bendis' recent statements, which is already projected towards the end of his run on the character. The author, however, has specified that he will not abandon the magazine in the short term.

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