Irritated Russell Crowe breaks fans' hearts: "They didn't call me for Gladiator 2"

In an exclusive interview with ScreenRant, the Oscar winner Russell Crowe revealed that he had not been contacted to reprise the role of Massimo Decimo Meridio for The Gladiator 2, sequel to the beloved blockbuster by Ridley Scott .currently in development.

Crowe explained his involvement with The Gladiator 2 in an interview for the promotional phase of his upcoming thriller Unhinged. The actor revealed of not even knowing the existence of another film in the saga, since no one has contacted him about the film yet. It also has revealed his frustration with the lack of communication on the possible sequel in development, revealing that he had harbored false hopes for the project for the past twenty years.

"If they're having conversations about this project, those conversations didn't include me. I'm not sure what they have in mind, to be honest. For nothing. I can only say, with a hint of frustration, that a sequel has been talked about since 2000."

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Crowe's obvious frustration with the lack of information is understandable, not so much for his involvement as an actor in front of the camera but at least for a possible role in production: After all, Massimo lost his life in the final stages of the Oscar-winning film, which would have made it difficult for him to return as an active part of the plot, but fans will turn up their noses knowing that the star has not even been approached for a role behind the movie camera.

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