iPhone with Fortnite pre-installed for sale for thousands of euros on eBay!

While the battle between Epic Games and Apple / Google is raging, the players are the losers, who following the decision of the Cupertino house are no longer able to download Fortnite from the App Store and Google Play.

How did we come to all this? Epic Games has implemented a direct payment method in Fortnite for purchases of in-game digital goods (such as V-Bucks) on the App Store and Google Play, to avoid paying the usual 30% tax to the giants who control the two. digital platforms. A move that in addition to not having been frowned upon, also violated the terms of the two services, so Apple and Google have taken steps to remove Fortnite from their respective stores.

One of the consequences of this decision was the appearance on eBay of many iPhones with Fortnite installed offered at exorbitant prices. Just do a simple search on the digital sales platform using the "iPhone Fortnite" keys to realize the situation: there are different models of the smartphone of the bitten apple – from 6s, 7 and 8 up to the X and 11 Pro – at prices ranging from 800 euros to 3 thousand euros! There is even a user who is proposing his iPhone XR Product Red to the out of this world figure of 9 thousand euros! We don't know if these ads are having success or not, but it is certainly a battle situation that, at the moment, is only harming players who are no longer free to download one of the most successful titles of our time.

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