InXile will use Unreal Engine 5 in its new great RPG

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The team of InXile Entertainment You already have some ideas for the project that they will develop when Wasteland 3 is finished. At the moment its founder, the iconic Brian Fargo, has confirmed that it is an RPG and that it will use the recently presented Unreal Engine 5.

It has not been made official that this new work is part of the Xbox Game Studios label, but it is the only possibility given that the study is now part of the Microsoft deal, which means that Xbox Series X already has games running with this engine, presented in the last week.

“We have been asked a few questions about our new next-generation RPG and I can confirm that it will use Unreal Engine 5,” Brian Fargo said on his personal Twitter profile after the study also released this information.

This engine that Epic Games has developed for the new generation was presented with two technologies that have been called Lumen and Nanite, the first manages to make global lighting dynamic and can be implemented more easily and with less resource consumption, while the second allows developers to import photorealistic materials directly into their games.

In an interview with IGN, it was Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who said that the technology needed to make Lumen work in the demo presented, called Land of Nanite, required the SSD that mounts PS5, something of which Sony has said be proud in the past.

The manager claimed that both technologies are also compatible with Xbox Series X, which is why Phil Spencer went on to say that many of the games at Xbox Game Studios use Unreal and commented that Ninja Theory uses the engine for Hellblade 2.

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